At the Hertfordshire Wellbeing Centre we provide a personal and professional, 1 to 1 private service that can help you work through difficulties you are experiencing including:


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If there are areas in your life that you want to change, we can provide an environment where you'll feel comfortable and at ease to talk about the issues impacting on you.
You will be helped to open up to not only explore the areas you want to make changes but our proactive approach to therapy will help you develop effective and lasting solutions.
Personal and Bespoke Therapy
Each person who comes to our clinic experiences their problems differently to the next person. Paul is uniquely experienced to provide therapy that is bespoke to personal needs and requirements which will include the skills of:
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
Our counselling sessions give you the opportunity to talk about the things in your life that have a negative impact on you.
You will gain a better understanding of yourself and  gain a clearer insight to how you got to where you are and  set realistic goals for changing your life.
Cognitive behavioural therapy, teaches you the skills to challenge your thoughts and feelings rather than following them on autopilot.
You'll learn how to approach situations in a more rational way resulting in a more positive approach to situations that are currently negative for you.
During your sessions Paul will coach and support you; offering continued motivation to reaching your goals of therapy.
Our goal is to help you make sustainable changes.
This will achieved in graded steps so that the changes you make will become changes that stick.
During your sessions you will be introduced to mindfulness skills. Mindfulness helps you to be 'in the moment' rather than following your autopilot.

Mindfulness helps you to:
Slow down a negative, worrying and judgemental mind.
Concentrate on managing you and relaxing yourself when experiencing physical feelings associated with stress, anxiety, fears, panic, OCD, low self esteem and anger problems.
Become more aware of your moment to moment experiences and when needed, take a mental step back and let those moment pass you by.
After suffering with crippling anxiety for so many years I felt so defeated and at my wits end.
Making that decision, has been the best thing I could have ever done for myself.  After working together over just a few short months, I hardly recognise myself any more.  
I feel free and able to use everything Paul has shown me with a new found confidence. I felt completely supported, challenged and yet comforted throughout the whole process.
It has completely changed my life, I am now in a place I truly never thought I would be and I will forever be thankful.

B.A. Buntingford
Then I thought I would take one last shot and I contacted Paul.
Alcohol dependence
Panic attacks
Irritable bowell syndrome, (IBS)
Low confidence
Low self esteem
Obsessive compulsive disorder
Negative and worrying thinking
Anger management
The therapies Paul provides all have their uniqueness. They will utilised to best suit your needs and goals to provide you with a powerful and dynamic approach to therapy.
If you feel that our unique style of therapy could help you to make positive changes in your life, please call Paul anytime for an informal chat about the problems you experience.
During this phone consultation, Paul will give you a thorough run through how the therapies work and they can have real personal benefits for you to change how you live your life.
Telephone: 07584 492254
Deciding to attend CBT counselling is not the easiest decision you'll make but may very well be the best decision.
Paul's approach to therapy is proactive and dynamic in the sense that we won't just talk about the problems you are will develop effective skills to do something about them.
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